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Pastor Carl Gallups has first-hand experience ...

By Pastor Carl Gallups (5/18/17)

Most of the listeners to my weekly radio program, Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups, know this account. But it serves as a teachable moment and a first hand demonstration of the fake news media that dominates the American cultural information delivery system.

In a nutshell: When Donald Trump was facing the Florida primaries to determine who would be on the General Election ballot, the MSM became anxious. They knew if Trump won Florida he would have a good chance of being the Rep. candidate.  So, one of their tactics was to go to Trump's website and see who had endorsed him that might help sway Florida. My name was on Trump's website. It was there because I had been asked by the Trump campaign to open a rally for him in Pensacola, FL in January 2016. The Florida Rally was standing room only with thousands outside the arena that could not get in. The arena was packed to capacity with estimates of over 12,000 inside.

Shortly thereafter I officially endorsed Donald Trump beginning with an article requested by the Associated Press. When that initial story was released, which in my estimation was fairly accurate, other MSM picked up the story and gave it a headline that read something like this: "FLORIDA PASTOR SUPPORTING TRUMP IS A SANDY HOOK DENIER - Believes No One Died At Sandy Hook."

Two problems: I have NEVER taken that position on Sandy Hook (anywhere or at anytime), and Sandy Hook never came up in any interview with the MSM.  What they did was to go my radio program archives and pull out a show wherein I did have a guest on one day who DOES believe that no one died at Sandy Hook (as do millions of Americans, apparently).  I never stated anywhere in the interview that I agreed with the guest's position on "no one died at Sandy Hook."

I have, on several occasions, stated that I do not believe the entire Government narrative and the MSM reports on Sandy Hook. I spent 10 years in Florida law enforcement in my past. During some of those years, I even conducted my own criminal investigations. There were too many unanswered questions about the entire Sandy Hook affair for me to "wholesale" believe everything the Obama administration, and his sycophant media, was spewing out.  Now - we know how right I was to distrust that administration and media.

But the fact remains, no one will ever be able to find a single thing in writing, or in video or in audio wherein I stated that I do not believe anyone died at Sandy Hook. Nor will anyone every find a single person who has ever heard me even hint such a thing. I have been the pastor of one church for decades. I have been on radio and TV - nationally and internationally for years. There is not one piece of film or any other archived evidence that I have ever made such a statement.

Of course, the FAKE NEWS didn't care about those facts. They only desired to assassinate my character and integrity in order to make Donald Trump look bad - hoping to sway the Florida Primaries against him - because of my endorsement. So they made up the headlines (they lied) and went with the story. The stories, of course, are still all over the internet. Some of them even have a portion of that radio show embedded in their stories as "proof."  They know of course, that most will never bother to listen to the clip. Many of those that have listened to it have emailed me to say, "That clip proves nothing. It doesn't even match the headlines!"   There ya go.  THAT'S WHY THEY ARE CALLED FAKE NEWS.

Of course, it probably hasn't helped matters (with the MSM) that I had been deeply involved with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo in the Obama Fraud Criminal Investigation. Interesting: that was a true controversial matter in which I was steeped - yet not a single thing was mentioned in the Trump/Sandy Hook articles about my involvement in that true criminal investigation. Gee - wonder why?

Also, I have, on radio and TV and in print media, challenged the MSM to produce one piece of hardcore evidence that I ever uttered words that were even close to "no one died at Sandy Hook."  To this day -  - - crickets ...


This FAKE NEWS method of operation has been going on for decades. I remember one time (late 1970s) when I was a deputy sheriff, I was called to a mass disturbance at a government housing project. It eventually required a multitude of officers, even from surrounding counties, to get the situation under control.

After it was over, the media interviewed me (since I was first on the scene). They asked me, "Officer Gallups, were you scared?"  I responded, "We have been trained to deal with such matters. I did my job. I was not 'scared'."

The headlines of the regional paper, the very next day, exclaimed, "Deputy Sheriff Says He Was 'Terrified' During Disturbance."

Yes - FAKE NEWS - has been with us for a long time. Today, however, it appears to have been given a shot of steroids. Takeaway: Be very careful what you believe as "fact" if it is reported in the mainstream media.

John 8:32, "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

Thanks for letting me rant.  May the Lord bless you and keep you always.


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