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  1. In my weakness, God is my strength and changing the seasons.
    Every May I am flooded with memories of those gone from this earth. 17 year old boys who soldiered as men, never to be fathers. 20 year old young women answering the call to aid in healing the wounded, never again to kiss a cheek.
    It is said that the saved will have no memory of the 'lost' once in heaven. But, until then I spend time each May in prayer and in hope that all accepted Christ before the shroud of death covered them. To see the smiling faces once again would be so lovely.
    God knew my pain and sent me a child born on Memorial Day. Joy and hope was renewed and tempered the pain. Thus revealing that God makes a way for hope to endure.
    Father in heaven have mercy on all who gave their life for others

  2. Bro. Carl,
    How about interviewing Catherine Austin Fitts and/or Dr. Mark Skidmore of Michigan State University. They have found that $21 trillion is missing from the government in undocumented expenditures which is enough to pay off the national debt. Also, can we repeal the 17th Amendment through a convention of the states? If we can have senators appointed instead of being elected, maybe they will vote their own state's interests instead voting the party agenda for campaign money. One example is Bill Nelson voting for Obamacare and Pam Bondi taking the government to court because Florida didn't want it. Thank you for being part of the Black Robe Regiment for God and Country.

  3. Amen: God bless you Pastor Carl Gallups

  4. Are going to stay at WEBY with new owners?