Friday, January 18, 2019

[1330 AM | 99.1 FM] Freedom Friday 1-18-19 | Homosexual Hypocrisy of the Left! Carl Gallups, Mike Shoesmith., Brandon Big B - Electric commentary on top headlines of the day!

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1:00   - Carl Gallups - Hypocrisy of MSM "homosexual" issue - attacks on L. Graham,  VP Pence and wife,  most recent blatant Dem. support of Islam and their documented "hate" towards homosexuality - and more.

22:20 - Mike Shoesmith - Mike and Carl continue the first segment conversation about homosexual hypocrisy of the left. Mike discusses trucking industry in Mexico with "armored long haul trucks!"

43:35 - Brandon Big B - Chain breaker conference, "Why I love Donald Trump!" Pelosi getting "grounded" and more!

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